3rd Party Services //

  • 3rd Party Verification Services per 30 CFR 250.732(a)(1)

    • BOP Shear Testing​

      • Digital Recording Equipment​

      • Video Recording of Shear

    • Verification of BOP Design, Maintenance, and Testing

    • Accumulator Calculations per API Specification 16D

  • Manufacturing & Inspection Project Management

    • 3rd Party Technical Surveillance​

    • Facility Auditing

    • Documentation Package Review

    • Product Testing

  • Welding Engineering Services

    • Welding procedure preparation, qualification, and approval​

    • Development of welding performance qualification programs

    • Welding process selection

    • Selection of materials and welding consumables

    • Code interpretation and compliance

    • Client specification review, interpretation, and compliance support

    • Weld failure analysis

    • Welding repair and technique development

  • International Services

    • Experienced in international travel and working in foreign countries​

New Iberia, Louisiana, USA

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